Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2- In Him we find...

Thanks for stopping by for day 2 of "In Him we find..."! Through my journey through the Bible in a year, I've learned so much and I'm only 2 months in! Yep, that's God for ya. One of the reoccurring themes has been healing.
Throughout my life and especially the past year, I have experienced so much healing. Physical healing, mental healing, spiritual name it. Our God is the ultimate Healer. When we hand over our cuts, bruises, and pain to God, He is sure to bandage us up. It may not be the way we want Him to bandage us up, but He will one way or the other. He is capable of taking all the hurt that we feel away. He doesn't want us to be bound by pain whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. He wants to free us from it especially from our sin. He can heal us from the inside out.
We just need to come to Him.
In Him we find healing.
What has God healed you from?

Check out one of my favorite songs by Kari Jobe!
Today's scripture is Luke 14-16 if you are joining me in the year long Bible reading plan!

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