Sunday, June 2, 2013

I like a challenge

Going to new places and seeing new things is always fun for me. Driving through a new town, seeing the sights creates an excitement in me and a motivation to explore!
Seeing the landscape, learning about the history of the town, and {probably} getting lost along on the way, keeps me on my toes and gives me a challenge.
{I like a challenge!}
It doesn't always stay that places turn into old places, the unfamiliar turn into familiar, and the uncomfortable becomes comfortable.
The day my family started looking for places to move, we drove to this country town (my hometown now) and kept our eyes peeled of our surroundings. We were checking out the houses, schools, stores, land and more. We didn't want to miss a thing. Our eyes were wide open to make sure that this was the place we wanted to live.
15 years later and I no longer pay close attention to the small details of my hometown. 
 You know why?
I'm comfortable.
I can tell you all the short cuts, which roads lead to what cities, and of course, where you can find the best sno-cones in town ;)
The familiar can be rather comfortable (and that's okay!),
BUT when we start to get comfortable and familiar, we stop exploring.
We stop finding new routes or meeting new people and we stay in our comfort zone, afraid to become unfamiliar.
This reminds me of how our faith can become. We often get comfortable with what we learned from our parents and church, which keeps us barricaded in our own comfort zone.
Now, I'm NOT saying rebel from your parents and picket the church, but I AM saying, don't be afraid to move the barricades and set out on an unknown road. We stop reading our Bibles. We stop asking questions. We stop hearing different perspectives and we wonder why we aren't getting anywhere. We're stagnant, comfortable, and familiar.
There's nothing wrong with believing what your parents or church believes, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself by thinking outside of your comfort zone.
Study the Bible for yourself and not for anyone else.
Read articles/books.
Talk and listen to people with different perspectives.
Find someone who will challenge you.
Keep an open mind.
Don't be afraid to get uncomfortable.
It's important to never let your faith get familiar.
Have a heart that is always wanting to learn and grow.
Maybe you aren't ready to get out of your comfort zone and I totally understand.
That's okay!
Come to God and ask that He gives you a heart that is ready to embark on a journey of growing closer to Him, even if it's uncomfortable.

I've definitely had my fair share of familiarity, but thankfully God brought someone into my life that has challenged me to ask the tough questions. Someone who isn't going to judge me and tell me what to believe, but to simply challenge me to seek out the nature of God.
I hope and pray that you can be challenged the same way! Feel free to email me if you are unable to find someone who can challenge you-I'd love to talk :)
Don't forget to pray for the unreached people group of the day! 
This week's Bible reading plan:
Monday: 1 Chronicle 1-2
Tuesday: 1 Chronicle 3-5
Wednesday: 1 Chronicle 6
Thursday: 1 Chronicle 7-8
Friday: 1 Chronicle 9-11
Saturday: 1 Chronicle 12-14
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