Friday, June 14, 2013

Please never leave me

As I've been journeying through the Bible, I've noticed several reoccurring themes such as love, grace, redemption and others.
The theme that I've noticed throughout both the Old & New Testament that has offered me such an abundance of hope during my treatment of Lyme Disease, has been the truth that God has never left my side, never will and I say that with confidence!
Many people say, "never say never!", but I have confidence that I can use "never" in this situation.
God will never leave me.
God will never leave you.
I know I have talked about this several times in other posts (God was with me, Fear of Separation, Clueless, Overwhelmed & Excited), but I feel like we need to be reminded of this truth often. Today, maybe you need to be reminded that God is with you...right now...and He'll never leave you.
If you have been joining me on the journey-through-the-Bible in a year plan,
you read in 1 Chronicles 28:20-21 that King David was encouraging Solomon by saying...
"Take charge! Take heart! Don't be anxious or get discouraged. God, my God, is with you in this, he won't walk off and leave you in the lurch. He's at your side until every last detail is completed for conducting the worship of God." (The Message translation)
This isn't the only place in the Bible where we are reminded that God is always by our side. Many people wrote to us exclaiming, "God is with you!" They were all in different situations and different places, but God was still with them.
You may be in a place where you feel lonely and abandoned, but you aren't...
God is with you.
You may be in a place where you're distracted & far away from God, but you aren't...
God is with you.
You may be in a place where you doubt God because of your circumstances, but you aren't...
God is with you.
We all are in different places and situations, yet we all share something...
God is with us.
Isn't that amazing?!
He wants us to realize that He is here for us, no matter what.
No matter where you are, God is there for you.
He's reaching His hand out to you, waiting for you to grab hold.
I hope this brought encouragement to you.
This morning, God was telling me, "Chelsea, I'm here for attention to me." We can get caught up in our busy lives and miss out on the most important thing...our relationship with God.
Check out this's one of my favorites :]
Don't forget to pray for the unreached people group of the day!
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