Monday, December 24, 2012

Mini series - The Cast of Christmas - Day 5

Time to use your imagination again!
You're an astrologer from a far away land.
You love to study and learn new things.
You've studied the stars and the prophesies.
Your mind is always searching the unknown. Finding answers is your goal in life.
You've heard about the prophesies of the King of the Jews...the one who would save the world.
You've been turning to the stars to find this King.
You've made notes of the alignment of the stars and have determined that it should be the time when this king would be born.
You aren't the only one that has been searching, other astrologers have been looking too.
The day has come that you would travel to Jerusalem to find the King of the Jews.
You and your fellow astrologers from around the world have come to find the exact place of the baby boy. In order to do so, you go to King Herod to find out.
You say, "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star int he east and have come to worship Him" (Matthew 2:2).
King Herod, (being the envious king he was), was frightened that this baby boy would steal his power from him. Herod tricked the magi into telling him about the exact time when the star appeared (Matthew 2:7) with the excuse that he wanted to worship the boy too (Matthew 2:8).
So you and the other astrologers leave to find this new king. The star you had seen in the east had moved so you and your colleagues followed it until it stopped over the house where Jesus was (Matthew 2:9).
After such a long journey, of course you were all excited to finally be in the presence of the King of the Jews (Matthew 2:10). You didn't want to waste a minute so you immediately dropped to your knees at the beautiful sight and worshiped Him. You even presented the child with gifts. Not just any gifts like a pacifer or toy, you brought the finest of fit for only a King. "After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh" (Matthew 2:11).
Instead of doing what Herod told you to do, you did what God told you to do. "And having been warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod, the magi left for their own country by another way" (Matthew 2:12).
So what can we learn from these wise men?
We can learn to be our best. Just like they gave their best gifts, we can be our best for Jesus, because after all, a king deserves the finest of things.
We can also learn to have a heart and mind that is constantly searching for God. Searching to learn who God is, who He has called us to be and how we can further His kingdom, because all the answers are found in where else These wise men could have studied and not have followed through with their passion, but they didn't. They followed through and found the most precious gift.
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