Saturday, August 31, 2013

I survived!!!

Instead of saying, "What a day!"...
I'm saying, "What a month!"
When family and friends heard about my eventful, month of August, I'm sure they thought I was crazy and I will agree that it was a rather busy month for me (a person with a chronic illness, Lyme). Although my body started fading towards the end of the month, I don't regret any of it!
My first adventure of August was my trip to Washington, where the days were filled with many activities based on loving people and serving Jesus (although somewhat draining, it was completely worth it). I survived!
The next week was full of finishing details for my best friend's bachelorette party (Fun!). Crafting, packing, crafting, and more packing. I survived!
Following immediately after the bachelorette weekend, my boyfriend and I flew to his home state of Minnesota. This week was full of meeting/visiting his wonderful family, relaxing, and playing Canasta. It was definitely more low key than the past 2 weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it. I survived!
Jumping off the plane (not literally), my boyfriend and I ran (again, not literally) a few hours south to arrive at the wedding venue. From there we had a couple hours to rest and get ready for the wedding rehearsal/dinner. The next day was my best friend's wedding! We relaxed, ate, set-up décor, ate (haha), beautified ourselves, and kept the bride calm. I made it through the ceremony without fainting in front of everyone, not forgetting the ring (I was the maid of honor), and all of the other maid of honor duties. We finished the night with food, dancing, and fireworks. It was a beautiful night and I still can't believe my bestie is married!! I'm so happy for her :) I survived!

Dave and I then had one day to rest before we left the next day to travel a few hours to get my PICC line. My doctor decided during my last appointment that it was time to try IV antibiotics because I haven't made enough progress cognitively and neurologically. Yes, some physical symptoms have gone away, but at this point in treatment, I should be further along....soooo this PICC line is my new best friend and will stand by my side for the next few months in hopes of kicking some Lyme butt! I was supposed to only be at the hospital for a few hours for this one procedure, but long story short...I spent most of my day in the hospital having 2 procedures done because of the nurse's silly mistake. It was a stressful and painful day. I survived!
A few days later, Dave had to take me to the ER  because of chest pain and pressure. We were afraid the PICC line moved or broke. However, after a few different tests, we were reassured that it was nothing serious, only stressed from the procedures.
 I survived!
Needless to say, August presented me a lot of wonderful memories with a touch of a few stressful and painful moments, but by the grace of God, my Lyme ridden body survived it all! Through this month, God has showed me that even when things can be difficult, they can still be worth it! He also showed me that it's okay to ask for help from others (shout out to my family, friends, and wonderful boyfriend).
Goodbye busy August, hello somewhat lazy September. One wedding down, one more wedding to go for 2013! With a few more crafting projects, some reading, and a lot of resting, I hope to be back to a much more consistent blog posting schedule!
I hope you all are doing well and being blessing to others!
The last post of "Following in Your Footsteps" series is up next...stay tuned!
Next week we should be caught up to Proverbs 13 in our year long reading plan.
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