Thursday, August 15, 2013

Left part of my heart...

Hey there!
I'm baaaack ;)
I came back from my mission trip this past Sunday and I wanted to update you!
We went to the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area and partnered with a fairly new church there. It was an extremely busy and tiring week for me, but I'm sooooo glad I went. The theme for the trip was "love the person in front of you", which I think is fitting since my blog series is about loving like Jesus.
We spent time prayer walking, feeding people in parks, and putting on a nightly kids club, as well as a block party at the end of the week. Because kids bring so much joy to my life, the kids club had to be my favorite part of the week. We sang silly songs, helped with arts & crafts and most importantly, loved on the kids. It was so easy to tell that these kids were yearning for love and attention and I feel blessed to have been able to connect with the kiddos. They made such a huge impression on me that not a day has passed since I've been back that I haven't thought about them. The sense of community despite brokenness was encouraging this week. The hunger to learn was inspiring this week. The love of Christ was evident this week.
To summarize,  I seriously feel like I left a part of my heart in Tacoma.







So thankful that I had this opportunity and how God used it!

Live on mission.

Next post, will continue my "Living in Your Footsteps" series.
See ya there!
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