Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's today? Plus, a challenge for you all.

The first of May
as well as......
National Day of Prayer
Loyalty Day
International Worker's Day
Law Day
Mother Goose Day (huh?!)
Save a Rhino Day

But we can't forget, May 1st marks the first day of Lyme Disease Awareness Month.
If you don't know my story, check it out here.
Long story short, I have been battling Lyme Disease for almost 2 and a half years, but was undiagnosed for about 13 years.
Crazy, I know?!

This is why Lyme Disease Awareness Month is so important to me.
Because of this nasty disease, my life has been on somewhat of a "hold" the past couple years.
I've endured a lot of pain, struggle, financial strain and setbacks.
My family and friends have unfortunately been affected by this as well.

This disease is often over looked. It is often not taken seriously. 
The truth is, this disease is only spreading more and affecting many, many lives.
When something takes a hold of such a vast amount of people, we can no longer ignore it, but embrace it so that we can fix it.
 It is chronic. It's not going to go away if we just sit around, twiddling our thumbs. It's not going to patiently wait for us to turn the corner, but it's taking people captive each and everyday.

Clearly, I'm passionate about this.
I don't mean to be morbid or depressing. It's nothing to be scared of, if we are actually doing something about it. But if we aren't, we should definitely be frightened by its effects. 
I've experienced it. I've seen the struggle it has created on loved ones. I've seen people's lives been taken because of it. 
We need awareness, desperately.

So will you join with me in opening the eyes of others to the damage this disease can cause?
Will you join with me in demanding more research?
Will you join with me in taking a stand for insurance coverage?

If so, change your social media pictures to Lyme Disease Awareness.
Wear your lime green out in public. 
If someone is experiencing anything like what I've been through (my story & other experiences), speak up and suggest that they research about Lyme Disease. It could change their lives for the better!
If you work in the medical field, research and speak up to others in your field. Have conversations!
Help someone who may be facing financial strain because of this disease on sites like gofundme.
Be a listening ear and be open to learning more (read about my plea for understanding here). 

Here are some pictures that you could display on your social media (or you can google your own :)

Thanks for joining me in spreading the word!
It is greatly appreciated by the Lyme community.

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  1. Today is also the national day of prayer. And as always I am praying for you friend and all those lyme has effected.

    1. How did I miss that?! Thank you soo much!! :)


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