Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It all changed in a second

Yesterday marked the last day of college football. 
The top 2 teams, Auburn University & Florida State University, ended the season with a nail-biting game.
The favored team, Florida State, won, but Auburn definitely made them fight for it.

I love football. It's my favorite sport to watch. I like the energy, the community, the cheering, and...
the suspense.
It may not be the same as a suspenseful action movie, but since it is a game, there is always the unknown.
We may be able to predict the winner. The statistics might show who is a better team. One coach may have better credentials than the other, but in the end, we all know that anything can happen.

A lot can happen in a second.
One minute a team can be leaving the other team in it's dust, and the next minute, the game could be tied.
The quarterback throws an interception. The kicker's foot lost traction. The receiver fumbles the ball.
None of these players planned on it, but the worst still happened.
I think it's interesting how at the end of a football game during the interviews, the winning team often says things like, "We came here tonight believing we would win" and "We knew from the beginning that this was our victory." I'm pretty sure both teams go into the game feeling that way. Maybe they don't, but I think its a given to go into a game confident, right? 

It makes me think of life.
We practice. We hope. We expect...
and it doesn't come.

We have all the credentials, all the right skills, and all the confidence, yet we're left blindsided by the nonexistent job. 
We have the right amount of money and great real estate agent, yet left without the dream house.
We exercise everyday and eat more than the recommended amount of veggies and fruit, yet left with an ugly diagnosis.

Whether it's a football game, one of the 3 scenarios above or anything else, they all stink!
Sometimes life takes a turn for the worst.
What are we to do?

However tempting it may be to just throw in the towel, we can't.  
We have to keep going.
A football team can't just stop playing after an interception and walk off the field.
The game still goes on.

Although they may walk off the field with their heads hung, they still have the support of their fans and the guidance of their coach. 
They can turn their mistakes into teachable moments. 
They can use it as a motivation to practice harder.
They can rest in the truth that no matter how hard they practice and plan, there is still a possibility of a loss. 

Unfortunately, life can present us these seconds that turn our world upside down.
When this happens, we must turn to God. He is by our side every step or second of the way. 
We must remind ourselves that no matter how much we plan, life can still throw us a curve ball.
At the same time, we should look into the future knowing that even though there may be seconds that turn our world upside down, there are also seconds and moments that can turn it right side up. 
The birth of a child. A new job. Healing. 

There are always going to be game changers in this game of life, but we can rest assured that God is here for us. He is our strength. His mercies are new each morning. He gives us hope even when everything around us looks hopeless. 

This week we'll be reading through the whole book of Daniel, as well as the whole book of Hosea. 

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  1. Sadly we usually come to God at the last possible moment. He's patiently waiting for us to get close to Him, to ask for His help. It just is hard to put our lives in His hand, totally, for real. But it's also the best thing ever.


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