Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey, I see a...!

While I was riding in the car yesterday, I looked up at the sky and saw these beautiful, white fluffy clouds and it made me think of...
Charlie Brown - "I see a.."
Linus - "Gargoyle! Like they have at Notre Dame!"
Lucy - "The sack of Carthage!"
Snoopy - "And the Dodger's Yankee Game! Go team!"
Linus - "All twelve apostles,
Waving at me!"
All - "What do you see, Charlie Brown?"
That was a song from Snoopy the Musical. I was one of the chorus members when I was younger and I always loved this scene of the play
because I could really relate to it.
Just like Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Snoopy, I too, remember laying on the grass field at recess finding different shapes in the clouds with my friends.

Unlike the characters of Snoopy, I remember it going more like this...
Jessica - "I see a unicorn!"
Bobby - "No, that's not a unicorn, that's a race car!"
Me - "I don't see either of those, I see a puppy in a dog house! How do you see a race car or a unicorn?"
Sometimes instead of actually seeing what the other person saw, we would just focus on what we saw individually. Other times, we would take the time to really see what the other person was seeing. Sometimes that meant getting up and switching places with a friend. Other times, it meant simply looking at it longer to see the puppy's ears point up like a unicorn and a dog house somehow morph into a race car.
Living in relationship with others is a lot like finding similar shapes in the clouds on a bright, sunny day. There are times when we may not see eye to eye and that's okay, but there are other times when it takes work to reach common ground. It may be more work like actually getting up off the ground and moving to another place. Sometimes it might not be convenient, but at the same time it's necessary in order to understand what the other person is feeling.
That thing called empathy...putting ourselves in someone else's shoes is a huge and important aspect of life. It may be uncomfortable to turn your head the other way to see the unicorn in the cloud, but many times when you are willing to see from another perspective, beauty is born. However, there are other times when you may try your hardest to understand where the other person is coming from, but you still just don't get it and that's okay too. It's bound to happen, yet that isn't an excuse not to try.
Just like my previous post about different routes, we should understand that everyone has different ways of thinking, but we can really make a difference when we take the next step of understanding each other, rather than only respecting. When we don't take the time to listen, understand and support, we run the risk of hurting a friendship, ignoring a teachable moment and being closed off to a whole world of opportunities and beauty. Being respectful and willing goes along way.
Instead of insisting that the cloud is in the shape of a puppy, looking from another perspective can give you a puppy AND  a unicorn...what's better than that?! :)
There is beauty in differences and there is more beauty in seeing differences from another person's eyes. 
 Bible Reading Plan-
By the end of this week, we should have read through Jeremiah chapters 14-34.
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