Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Halloween & Fall Decorations

As I was looking around the house, I realized that we don't really have any fall decorations. So thanks fellow crafty bloggers, I learned how to make decorations out of books!

All you need is...
  • Books (paperback preferably)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Construction paper
  • Stick (for pumpkin)
How to make Jack-o-Lantern:
  • fold first page back to the spine, halfway and crease...continue with each page
  • fold front and back cover to spine & glue covers to the spine
  • Cut out shapes for eyes, nose, mouth and glue

How to make pumpkin:
  • Draw a pumpkin shape on book
  • Cut pages with scissors (I used exacto knife) (about 15 pages at a time).
  • Once all pages are cut, glue a small stick to the spine
  • Pull front and back cover together and glue.
  • Fluff out pages to resemble pumpkin and add ribbon to your pumpkin (or whatever else you want to add)
These crafts were fun, easy and free! However, the pumpkin was a little time consuming. Have fun and happy fall!


  1. These are so adorable. I can't wait to make with my daughter! Thanks for the DIY!

  2. Yayy! Let me know how they work for ya! They were super simple...I wish I had more books to do more! I think I may be stopping by a used bookstore pretty soon ;)


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